Outer Space in Love

Katarina Ningrum



We’ve been good friends for a while.  He’s a weird boy, I’m an eccentric lady.   He’s introverted, I’m melancholic.  Nothing beats the happiness of us being together and say nothing important but rambling about outer space and aliens.  We live in our private planet, where we can laugh a lot and dream so much.  The planet is happy, fun, colourful, and fantastic.

Name him Weird, and call me Eccentric.

One day, there’s another man coming and disturb our planet.  His title is Mellow.  He’s not a forceful person, but he has ambitions.  In my opinion, he’s such a weak person. Not being mean.  Just being strict with the fact.

Weird and Mellow are buddies.  They always chat happily like they also have another planet for them.   Weird is stronger than Mellow in personality, sadly, Mellow is older, so Weird has to respect him.

Once Mellow wanted me, and Weird supported him. I didn’t like Mellow, so I got away from both Mellow and Weird.

Mellow tried to invade my beautiful planet,  I rejected.  I didn’t tell him that I only let Weird as a planet visitor.   Mellow wasn’t understand it yet.

Unfortunately, Weird never get the concept.  He always there to support me staying with Mellow.

Another time, I met Calm.  She’s a pretty normal girl with cuteness all around.  She can talk with Weird like humanbeings.  They talk of daily life, actual news, and things in town.  Never, I never be as straight as that with Weird.

I got a feeling Weird started to step out from our private planet.  Since I like Calm and I love Weird, I let them be together as another good pals.

Mellow, as a faithful and weak man, he teased Weird and Calm to be a couple.  Sure, he would be happy to see his best friend having a normal date.

Then melancholy hit me like a comet.  I was left alone in my galaxy.  Weird went away.  Mellow would never get a chance.  I have to find another partner.  But there’s no other like Weird.

Weird asked me what happened.  He could see it on my expression.

“Yo, Eccentric, you’re crying.  And I don’t know why.  You don’t even let your tears tumble down.”

“Nothing,” I answered painfully.  “Just feeling a little bad today.”

“No, you’re not feeling bad today.  You’ve been mad with me for weeks!”

As the last weapon of my strength-show, I shouted, “You’re not supposed to be here with me.  I’m an alien for you.  We both were aliens.  But now you’re a human.  Go there and be with Calm.”

He nodded.  “That’s what you want? Okay. But I don’t want you to be alone.  Find Mellow and asked him to come.”

“I have nothing in common with Mellow.  He will never be my planet’s citizen.  Ah, yeah, it should have been our planet.  But you left.”

Since Weird is an introvert and a shy boy,  he stayed still in front of me, waiting for I-don’t-know-what.  I was feeling desperate and lost.  He couldn’t express his feeling.  I didn’t want to say anything.

But, with tears finally bursted, I tried to speak.  I told Weird, “My planet is special.  The place only accepts two person for some period of time.  And, yes, my planet already accepted you perfectly.  If you go, I’ll surely be alone again.  Thanks!”

I thought I was harsh with those words.  Weird bowed his head.  I departed from his new planet.  Bye, I said in my mind. 

I walked.  One, two, hundred steps.  Entering my galaxy, stay still and play along all by myself.   I thought about everyone I met lately.  Weird and Calm who may be so free and normal these days.  Mellow who will find another love now.

My planet changed.  It’s dry, gloomy, and creepy now.  Don’t forget how extremely quite it is nowadays.

Suddenly the door was opened.  A creature came in without a smile on the face.

“What are you doing here, Weird? You’re not a citizen again.”

“I brought you something.  In case you would let me be a citizen again.”

“You must not leave Calm alone!”

“And I won’t leave you alone.  I want to be here, in our space, with our laughter and our weirdness.”

“What is your purpose, anyway? You left something here and you want to take it home?”

Nah, why you are mad before I finish my sentences?”

I stood up, defensively.  I stared at his eyes.  He started to spread his words again, “I love this planet.  I can’t be with normal humanbeings.  Mellow has too many real-life-problems.  Calm is too ordinary and she doesn’t make me have a great gag.”

“You compare Calm and me?”

“No! Here, Eccentric,” he held my shoulders.  “I have no purpose for being with you.  I don’t want you.  I don’t feel like I own you.  But we inherit one planet together and when we’re together, we are strong and normal! Because, negative times negative is positive!”

“Deep down I’m a girl. I know you’re shy, but you still have to say the word, that…human word for that kind of feeling, Weird!” I was able to smile at that time.  Cause I’ve seen Weird was so nervous, and his cheeks were blushing. There’s something happened with his emotion.

Weird took deep, very deep breath.  And he hugged me.  He whispered to me, “I love you, Eccentric.  Let’s live in this planet together again.  Let me be with you ever after.”

“Welcome back, Weird,” I said while crying along.  I was too happy that I cried.  “I love you too.”

I hold his hands and asked him to join me with the game I’ve been playing while waiting.  It’s a puzzle.  I couldn’t find the last three pieces.   Weird noticed and he put outside something from his pocket.

Those are the lost pieces.

“For me, you, and the planet,” he completed the puzzle easily.  “Hey, imagine if I didn’t decide to go back here! You would be very confused.”

“Please tell me you are here for me, not this puzzle,” I said.

“Ah, Eccentric, you’re too melancholic sometimes.  Trust me.”

“We talk properly, you know, Weird,” I giggled.

The planet bloomed again.  It’s back to normal with additional elements.  It’s love and courage to be a little normal.


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